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Yet, there’s a wealth of storage and cubby holes (22 in total) including one of the largest door pockets you’ll ever see in a car.

In terms of interior space, all three rows of the Spin is certified Average Filipino friendly (average being 160 cm or so in height).

But this is where Chevrolet designers start to get crafty.

The Asian Utility Vehicle or AUV was once the staple of car manufacturers in the Philippines.

With a lucrative tax incentive and the Filipino’s penchant for traveling with their extended kin made them the proverbial “king of the road”.

Going with a two-toned hue, the Spin has a welcoming, family-friendly atmosphere.

The plastics are hard to the touch, but they’re well-textured and solidly put together.

The Spin’s instrument panel is surprisingly full-featured with a multi-function trip computer and even adjustable dimmer control.

The rest of the driving controls are well-placed with the shifter, hand brake, stalks, and knob-type light control all within easy reach.Floor the throttle though, and the Spin’s cabin vibrates in unison with the engine creating an uncomfortable gurgling sound at around 2,000 rpm.The Spin’s clearly made more for city driving instead of highway driving as the 6-speed automatic shifts up at the soonest possible time.Meanwhile, the AUVs have become mini-MPVs of sorts; slotting below entry-level MPVs in both size and price.But don’t let that repositioning fool you: the AUV is still a sought after segment; focusing on Filipino families, who want a 7-seater, but can’t or don’t want to spend anything above one million pesos.The front bumpers also visually cut an aerodynamic profile.


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