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Bad mistake: duffle coat pockets are designed only to take paperbacks of 200 pages or less. My game was up, but the genie was also out of her bottle. A lot of people thought that, like Britta, she was aloof and stuck-up.

So each day I tried a different book from my mum’s bookshelves: Death in Venice… Not only did I get her phone number, but she asked me to go with her to see the Ken Russell film of Women in Love. But I think that she was just very very shy, and not able to engage people in small talk and chat.

It’s partly the characters, including Abed, the teenager with Asperger’s who seems to know more about human behaviour and communication than the so called ‘normal’ members of his study group.

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However I sometimes long to be able to talk about subjects that are important to me; like the latest episode of Community.

I want to share with my neighbours why this cult US comedy series set in, Greendale Community College, is so funny.

These were carefully turned round so that you could read the author and title. A girl in our English Literature class was extremely quiet. Every morning, on my way to college, she would get on my train, and if we were sitting opposite each other (which I always tried to engineer) she would avoid eye contact with me. We were sitting opposite each other one day on our way back from college, when there was a big jolt, and the train came to a sudden halt.

I guessed the idea was that a chick would notice that you were reading Carlos Castaneda, or Hermann Hesse, or even Thomas Mann, and start talking to you about your cool choice of literature. If our eyes did chance to meet, then she would blush and pointedly look away. It was in the days before in-train announcements, so no one knew how long we would be stuck waiting. Do you think Lawrence is making a statement about war and inherent masculine aggression in the scene where the two men wrestle in front of the roaring log fire?

Shirley switches on the hand dryer and leaves, while Britta keeps on talking.

It’s comedy brilliance with a social message (at least that’s how I justify watching it).

Shirley starts to tell Britta about her latest makeup party she plans to host with her mom.

This gives Britta the heads up to launch into a tirade against international cosmetics companies who are denuding the rainforests and exploiting the women of remote tribes in the Matto Grosso.

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