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One of the side projects that I work on is a bi-weekly “talk show” on You Tube called The Catholic Five, so named because there are four other people involved: David L.

Gray (of David LGray.info), Katrina Fernandez (The Crescat at Patheos), Brantly Callaway Millegan (Founder and Editor of Church POP), and Kevin M. Last Saturday, there was an interesting discussion on Catholic online dating – and online dating more broadly – that I wanted to revisit: As you can see from the clip, we’re coming from three different perspectives: Katrina and David have had negative experiences with online dating; Kevin met his wife online; and Brantly and I are outsiders, having never experienced it up close.

Then they ruin your computer by sending ut computer viruses.

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And while it can likely feel faceless and impersonal at times, I’m reminded of this 1920 ad in a newspaper called the “Middle ranking civil servant, single, Catholic, 43-years-old, immaculate past, from the countryside, is seeking a good Catholic pure girl, who can cook well, and who can do all housework, who is also capable of sewing and a good homemaker in order to marry at the soonest opportunity.” It was in responding to that ad that Maria Peintner met a police officer named Joseph.

They married and had three kids, including two sons, who each became priests.

Meanwhile they get these phone bills that rack up into the hundreds and thousands. I encourage everyone to contact state and federal agencies about this horrible company.

If you want an online job there are ethical ones and this one you want to stay clear of.

Would the people in question treat each other better if the interaction was in person?

There are two factors cited in blaming this on it being online: So I’m curious about your take: what are the pros and cons of online dating, generally? What are some of the ways that things need to change? Love it or hate it, those discerning a call to marry are going to have to reckon with online dating.

When I was working part time as a chat operator I was earning over £150 a week doing a minimum of 20 hours a week.

Other people I was working with were earning £450 per week. I was always paid on time and the office staff are very helpful.

I have worked with text 121 and the payment was small but again the more you do it the better you get at responses and the more you earn.


  1. The Broncos beat the Steelers, 24-21, in the title game to advance to Super Bowl XXXII. In those four consecutive playoff losses in Arrowhead the quarterbacks for the Chiefs were Bono, Elvis Grbac, Trent Green and Matt Cassel.

  2. If you have ever dreamed of making an awesome YTP or dub and need some fonny ass sound effects... This board was made by Zachary, and is updated frequently.

  3. Over the last week, New Zealand singer Lorde has been the subject of racist cyber-bullying on Twitter after a photo of the 17-year-old singer and her boyfriend, James Lowe, was posted to social media.

  4. The bar was where the worldly-wise (or so it seemed then) and well-heeled corporate crowd gathered after six p.m. I was thrilled to work at a bar (and such a cosmopolitan one! The experienced bartender, a Singaporean Indian boy four years my senior, was outspoken, funny and brash, but had a soft smile for me.

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  7. Being at the spot of our daily lives of our 80s' X-generation, our lives/choices/relations became like them unwillingly, uncontrollably.

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