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And so it has to be at the center of our focus of leadership and our priorities." The Army this week confirmed that a third officer in charge of preventing sexual assaults is implicated in a harassment case.

Over the past several years, the public has become increasingly aware of the issue of violence against sex workers.

With over sixty women missing from Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, the trial of William Pickton and the charges against Donald Bakker, there is ample evidence to conclude that sex workers live and work in conditions of extreme violence and danger.

"Our force structure - it's the fabric of our system.

No matter how many new technologies we employ and how much the quality of our technology and our weaponry gives us an edge - and it does - no matter how much money we have, it won't work unless your people make it work.

There is an urgent need for policy change in each of these areas as part of a comprehensive approach to improving the lives of sex workers and ensuring alternatives for those who wish to leave this occupation.

This report is unique in that the evidence and legal arguments are presented not to a court, but to the public and to parliament.

"Every single member of the joint force, in every unit at every level must be alert to the problem and be part of the solution.

Working together we can and will restore faith in ourselves and the trust and faith of the American people." Several sexual abuse survivors testified in Washington Thursday.

However, the safety and well-being of sex workers will not be secured through criminal law reform alone.

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