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Through flashbacks the film shows what really happened to his squad - contrasting the realities of war with America's perceptions.

I can go on record and say this is by far the best superhero action scenes ever.

19-year-old Billy Lynn is brought home for a victory tour after a harrowing Iraq battle.

The couple's stuttering daughter Merry (Hannah Nordberg then Dakota Fanning) is their pride and joy until she steps into the 1960s and becomes an antiwar activist, responsible for bombing a little station, killing the owner in what is a senseless and horrifying change in life direction.

Merry leaves home and the rest of the film is a father's search for peace with his distraught wife and community while he ceaselessly searches for his renegade daughter.

See more » During the airport battle, when Captain America's team are running towards the hanger, Cap yells to Bucky and Sam "Come on! When he yells this, Bucky and Sam are running to Cap's right side, with Scott on his left and Clint and Wanda behind him.

In the next shot where Vision blocks their path, Bucky is now on Cap's left, Sam and Scott to his right. See more » Hi, I saw civil war and I come with good news; it's AWESOME!

Swede later became the successful manager of the glove factory his father had founded, which allowed him to live with his wife in a beautiful house in the New Jersey countryside.

Well-mannered, always bright, smiling and positive, conservative but with a liberal edge, what bad could ever happen to him?

The villain in this movie felt a bit, not really out of place, but unnecessary in my opinion. You've seen nothing, literally nothing of the amazing action that will bestow upon you guys.

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