Are miley and justin dating

She learned from mutual friends time and again that Justin was cheating, and that knowledge was breaking her heart.

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Miley Cyrus will never let anything come between her and close friend Selena Gomez.

Cyrus recently rubbished rumours about dating Justin Bieber behind Gomez's back.

But the Wrecking Ball singer, "who is currently on her worldwide Bangerz tour, slammed the photo, saying the magazine photoshopped the two together to create the story," states the report.

Here's what she tweeted along with a picture of the magazine article: The alleged betrayal story was followed by a report indicating that Gomez had found support in pop stars Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift who were prepared to defend Gomez and "get revenge" on Cyrus for the betrayal."Both Taylor and Demi know how heartbroken Selena's been, and they hate what Miley did to her," a source allegedly said.

Cyrus took to Twitter to point out the false nature of a Life & Style story according to which she had "betrayed" her fellow former Disney star Gomez by hooking up with her (at-the-time) boyfriend, Bieber.

The report featured a photo of Cyrus and Bieber allegedly at singer/rapper Pharrell's birthday party, reports Enstars.

A source tells Hollywood EXCLUSIVELY that Miley would never “break the girl code” by dating Selena’s ex!

“[S]he’s friends with Selena, she’s known her since she was a kid and would never break the girl code by hooking up with Justin,” the source explains.

C.’s Hot 99.5 radio station to set the record straight.

When asked if the pair were more than friends, she responded, “I’m engaged, that is impossible.” Hollywood Lifers, do YOU think Miley is being a good friend?

i understand that they were fake dating for publicity but i heard on the radio that they might be dating for real but i didn't stay on the bus long enough to find out.


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