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For greater control over the communication between components in Windows XP and sites on the Internet, use Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 2 instead of with Service Pack 1.

Windows XP Service Pack 2 provides a number of new Group Policy settings that control communication between components in the operating system and sites on the Internet.

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If an account does not allow software to be installed (for example, if the account is a user account), only one option for Automatic Updates will function while that person is logged on.

That option is to automatically download and install updates, which means that updates are installed on the user’s computer at a regularly scheduled time, regardless of what type of account the user has, or whether the user is logged on at the time.

The recommended methods for controlling Windows Update and Automatic Updates or both are as follows.

Important When using these methods, also control the type of accounts that people log on with.

You can also disable Automatic Updates using Control Panel or using the Group Policy Administrative template,

Details on the methods and procedures for controlling these features are described in the following subsections.Administrators can search the site using keywords or predefined search criteria to select the relevant downloads and then download the updates to a location on their internal network.An enhancement in the Windows Server 2003 operating systems enables you to select updates that you plan to deploy later, which means that you can control how and when the updates are deployed.The following list shows the effects of several Group Policy settings which control the use of Windows Update and Automatic Updates.Enabling this setting also disables Automatic Updates notifications—that is, the user for which this policy setting is enabled will neither be notified about nor receive critical updates from Windows Update.For additional information, see information about Windows Update on the Microsoft Web site at: Microsoft Software Update Services (SUS) is a version of Windows Update designed for installation inside the boundary defined by an organization's firewall.

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