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Walking around is said to be the best option when you are on a tour.

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The city was founded in 1549 and became famous as the centre for slave trading.

However, now the culture is a mixture of music, architecture and art.

is the Salvador’s old city centre, which now holds historical places, marvellous architectures, bars, restaurants, hotels and music and dance academies.

Beyond this area are many beach districts which stretch from the tip of the peninsula along the Atlantic coast.

This City Square was once a political centre of Brazil, but slowly changed into a tourist site where people come to experience the panoramic view over the bay. This is a small church towards the north of the city and is one of the most famous pilgrimage locations in Brazil.

Upon visiting the place, small children would usually gather around and tie ribbons given by the church around your waist before asking you to make a wish.This can be clearly identified by the upper middle class living in gated societies and communities alongside slum-like neighbourhoods on higher regions away from the coast.While visiting a restaurant you will notice that Bahia’s capital city has its very own range of fast food to offer to the people.The local bus service is relatively cheaper than the taxis, especially if you want to travel long distances.Although renting a car is an easy solution to the travelling trouble, driving on the roads of Salvador is really tricky and tourists should instead search for a person to be hired as a driver.According to the tradition of the area, if the ribbon falls off naturally, then the wish will come true.


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