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It is also an excellent prophylactic treatment to ensure continuation of good health." Massage therapy has been shown to be highly beneficial.

It can affect the autonomic nervous system, and calm the "fight or flight" response, reducing the level of harmful stress hormones in the body.

She developed her particular method of using the "Individual Prescription" blending several essential oils, for each patient, after an in-depth consultation and examination.

True essential oils have nothing added to them, and nothing taken away.

Essential oils can have many different effects on the body, mind and spirit.

They can be sedative or stimulating, some have an analgesic and antispasmodic effect, most are antibacterial.

Essential oils can aid in skin care and wound healing.

Following the death of her young child, her first husband and her father, Marguerite trained as a nurse and surgical assistant, and moved to France.

Her interest in aromatherapy began with a book by Dr Chabenes, published in 1838, called Les Grandes Possibilités par les Matières Odoriferantes. Marguerite met and married a French doctor in the early thirties, and continued her research into essential oils.

Massage therapy is beneficial, use of essential oils is beneficial, to combine the two can be synergistically even more beneficial than either therapy separately.

Most massage therapists will request a new client to provide some intake information, relating to their current physical state, and any illnesses or injuries that may affect the massage.

Massage therapy is an excellent way of reducing stress.

Specific somatic techniques, working on specific areas, can reduce chronic and acute muscular tension and pain, by helping to lengthen and release shortened and contracted muscles.

Hippocrates said: "The Physician must be experienced in many things, but assuredly in rubbing . Ling was a fencing master and was fascinated by the human body in movement.

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