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(For more pricing information, click through to the individual reviews.) All but one of the video conferencing services we tested offers free trials (most for 30 days) and many don't require a credit card on file, which means you don't have to worry about being charged automatically when the trial ends.

For example, offers a free plan with limited features, which is good for small or even single-employee companies.

Most offer video calls via webcam, though a few don't.

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Some video conferencing services let presenters pass control to another participant who can continue the meeting without interruption.

Others let hosts deny access to latecomers to further avoid disruption.

However, because Amazon Chime is so new, there are a few kinks that need to be worked out and a few features that need to be added before it can hang with traditional powerhouses such as Video conferences are typically defined as real-time video sessions between two or more users that reside in two or more locations.

While video conferencing supports several endpoints communicating, the terms "video call" and "video chat" generally mean one-to-one.

And never mind getting everyone's scheduled coordinated.

One way to cut costs is to conduct meetings remotely by phone or by video.

Think about how much actual collaboration you'd like in your meetings.

Other features we look at include the number of participants allowed on a call and the number of video feeds allowed simultaneously.

As with all software services, pricing and packages are an important consideration when it comes to video conferencing.


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