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Women will be given prizes for prizes for taking the most “characteristic and beautiful and confident” photos of online underarm hair, Mail Online reported.

Read more: We should celebrate Madonna's hairy armpit selfie Highlighting how attitudes towards women’s body hair have changed, activists behind the contest cited the example of a film star who grew her armpit hair to play a character in 1930s China, BBC News reported.

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The billboards have replaced the "long live Chairman Mao" slogans that plastered cities across China back in the 1950s.

But I'm willing to bet the slogans have given more people clues about the country's latest get-rich-quick scheme.

The contest-cum-protest follows similar action across the world.

Last year, a feminist beauty crazy saw women dying their armpit hair outlandish colours, while celebrities including Madonna and Miley Cyrus made headlines for sporting unshaven underarms.

Targets range from county-level officials to central government heavyweights.

Hong Kong's media reported a top official from the Ministry of Public Security was even blackmailed with fake sex photos.

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Try blackmailing government officials with fake sex photos!

Via Shanghaiist, these photos have been darting around the Chinese internet over the last couple of days. Perhaps this shows that, in a society based on rigid conformism, repressed Chinese people need these kinds of crazy outlets.

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