most accurate radiometric dating - Candice accola and zach roerig dating

PLEC: Yeah, the ring is going to stay in play for awhile.

PLEC: It will affect everything, and yet I can’t expand on that more until after the finale airs.

Damon did kill Jeremy, so won’t Jeremy have some issues with him ever accepting his sister with Damon?

That’s going to lead a lot of people to think, “Oh, they’re going to reveal something huge about the way that accident went down,” but I will still say what I said three years ago, which is, “That was an accident, period, end of story.” There was no supernatural influence.

This episode isn’t about peeling back a layer of the mythology onion.

It just might not come in the form of a Jekyll and Hyde alter-ego.

So, the ring will still be in play next season, then?– I think certainly, should Rebecca be so lucky to survive Season 3, there’s a little crush brewing there, on her side. Prior to that, he was going to build an army of hybrids. Now that he realizes his mother will not stop coming after him, in some form or another, whether it’s her own self or she’s manipulating witches, this is a second call to arms for Klaus, who may have gotten a bit distracted by pretty blondes and paintings and horses. PLEC: I have my theory on that, which is that he’s someone who wants purpose, and with purpose comes intent to do something for the love of someone and to not be alone.This is the reminder that he means business and he’s not going to let his guard down again. Building the army is to protect himself and those that he cares about.Here are some great shots of Zach Roerig and Candice Accola attending Oakley Presents “Learn To Ride” with the Audi Sportscar Experience at Infineon Raceway in Sonoma, California on Thursday, December 17th. , things are ramping up in major ways and, as per usual with the popular show, everyone is in jeopardy.PLEC: If Jeremy had his way, the outcome would be, “I’d choose neither of you fuckers,” excuse my language.


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