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For the sapiosexuals out there, Amazon Echo also has a “Nerdy Pickup Lines” Skill.

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While many woes are caused by the proliferation of fake bot accounts on apps like Tinder, the right bots can take your love life to the next level.

Without further ado, TOPBOTS is excited to present our “Top 5 Bots To Get You Laid”: Online dating is a chore.

Freud says we humans only have two drives in life: the desire for greatness and the desire for sex.

So are we really surprised that sex and dating bots are among the first applications of chatbot technology?

While the ethics of automated rejections may be questionable, Ghost Bot designer Lauren Golembiewski points out that nearly 25% percent of young women between 18 and 24 experience sexual harassment and stalking online.

Until we fix the root cause of online harassment, Ghost Bot saves time and mindshare so you can concentrate on the dates you’re actually excited about.Guys, if you don’t want to lose your girlfriend to a sexbot, you might want to start paying more attention to her now. Dating gets really awkward really fast when sexual attraction is not mutual.Most people in this situation will “ghost” the undesired party, i.e. Ghosting is unpleasant for both the ghoster and the ghostee.The idea of a matchmaker is to save you time and show you the people you want to see.” Automation and machine learning allow Bubby to scale the efforts of matchmakers and make their personalized services affordable.Watch Volfsun demo how the virtual matchmaking and dating bot works: Why not learn a pickup line or two while you’re getting dressed for a special date or a night on the town?One lazy (or clever, depending on your perspective) OKCupid dater, Schuyler Hunt, hooked a profile up to Cleverbot to automate his messaging and tracked his results on a Tumblr called “Girls Who Date Computers”. Some of Hunt’s conversations are indistinguishable from organic exchanges between two humans.


  1. We are committed to matching you with truly compatible men or women in order to provide you with the best online dating and relationship experience possible.

  2. It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single girl in possession of a job in Colombia must be in want of a date. Ostensibly a bar for foreigners to participate in a language exchange with Colombians, and actually a great way to make friends, after about 9pm it morphs into a free-for-all speed dating service between gringos and locals.

  3. As you might have guessed, the open source community has some involvement in the social networking space.

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