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I very reluctantly went on a date with one of the gentlemen, who was a very poor match for me.Later, I read a review on this site from 2010 in which the same man is described!I enjoyed dating the ladies and they are so much fun to be with.

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In over 18 years, It's Just Lunch has set up more than 2 million first dates, with many of them resulting in second dates.

Each month for their 30,000 members, It's Just Lunch arranges, on average, 50,000 dates.

IJL states they may recruit recent members to come back for dates, but a member from 6 years ago hardly seems recent.

A 6 month membership costs $3500 CAD, for which they are only obligated to make 4 introductions.

I am sure that some people have success with IJL, but I suggest doing your research before joining.

It appears that their membership fee has increased dramatically in the past 5 years, while the duration of membership and number of dates promised for the fee has decreased.Plus, every week they are informed of couples that met through It’s Just Lunch getting married.This matchmaking service is designed for the busy working professional who wants to date but doesn't have the time to invest in going to parties or bars in order to find someone special.I found Nicole to be professional, yet caring, and very committed to providing me with a match(s). From a different continental - Australia, but It's Just Lunch is even more of a scam here.If you are doing research about the company, I and some others in Australia have written about our horrible experience.There has been a class action lawsuit against IJL in the U. In my experience, there has been nothing personalized about the IJL service, no level of service to justify the extravagant membership fee, and no indication that the membership isn't more limited and of the same/ lesser quality than sites like


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