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Consumer Reports recommends starting with the most popular dating sites, “unless you have a particular guiding factor, such as religion, race, or politics.” In that case, you can check out niche sites, like JDate, a site made specifically for those looking to meet Jewish singles.

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(That’s especially true if you’re hoping to stick with free ones.) And once you’ve actually chosen a dating site, it’s tricky to keep track of all the do’s and don’ts, or knowing whether the platform you’ve chosen is invading or undermining your privacy. Read on for some pointers about what to pay attention to, and what you can expect from the experience if you’re new to the world of online dating.

Marisa Meltzer reports for Consumer Reports that “to pay or not to pay” is a major question among users when choosing an online dating site.

But in the meantime, the best dating sites for you will be the ones that match your expectations in terms of communication.

On Ok Cupid, for instance, anybody can send you a message.

While intentions vary, you won’t really know how people on a given site behave and communicate until you give it (and them! A major factor in how satisfied you’ll be with a given dating site is the kind of interaction you’ll have on there.

Sure, the idea is for you to meet someone you’ll ultimately hit it off with, eventually taking your conversation offline.

“Finding a mate can be arduous and exhausting,” she says. Searching for a romantic partner isn’t the same as shopping for a sweater; there are a lot of complicated emotions involved.

So go easy on yourself if the process is a bit harder than you initially expected.

Check out the organization’s “field guide” to get started on your own personal list.


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