Kinky adult chat - Dating a loner guy

I’m uncertain if my marriage created that aspect of my personality, heightened what was already present the one who married a loner.Perhaps this is why relationships are a challenge for me; I cannot speak for my ex.For some of us that blurred, frantic, at times tedious lifestyle spurs an even greater desire for time alone, an urgent for solitude, or simply a little recreational boredom.

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Yet I am certain of this: None of us walks this life without connection to others.

As a parent, sensing when closeness was required and providing it has never been a problem.

Once you have found your possible partner there are a number of factors you must keep in mind when preparing to meet.

Here are some pointers for this blossoming stage of dating an introvert: Get out into the real world. Many people misrepresent themselves online, both knowingly and unknowingly.

Letting go is somewhat harder, though I work to accomplish it as best I can, hoping that, unlike my mother, I will be empathetic, observant, and sensitive to my children’s needs for independence.

I also trust my sons completely, as I am the one who has raised them.

I was not comfortable raising a family on my own; single parenthood was never an explicit choice, and I wish I could have been part of a bustling, large, more “traditional” family.

But my loner tendencies have never meant I was a wallflower or standoffish, though many perceive the loner as something of a social outlier.

Because loners are good at noticing subtleties that other people miss… Naturally, we learn ways to avoid being hurt when we’ve been burned.

they are well-suited for careers that require close observation, like writing and scientific research. I know myself to have built walls over the years as a matter of protection.

Then again, couplings are always a puzzle; some come easily, others are a mess.


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