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Note: Applicants within one year of completing their bachelor's degree, with a bachelor's degree or desiring to earn graduate degrees may not participate in this program. Those selected separate from the active duty Air Force, join an AFROTC detachment and become a full-time college student. The board utilizes the "whole person" concept to evaluate applicants.

The Air Force provides them a monthly nontaxable stipend. As part of the board process, applicants will be evaluated on their ability to put their package together in the proper format in accordance with the ECP Package Checklist and directions on this site.

The Base Education Center may assist the member in an advisory capacity ONLY.

Plus unlike many college students, you’ll have a position waiting for you after graduation at one of the world’s top high-tech organizations—the U. You’ll learn useful life and leadership skills, and you’ll be a part of a group of people who help and challenge you to accomplish your personal best in physical fitness and academics.

Learn More If you’re already in college, it’s not too late to experience the benefits of joining Air Force ROTC.

It prepares young men and women to become leaders in the Air Force, but it’s also much more.

You’ll grow mentally and physically as you acquire strong leadership skills that will benefit you as an Air Force Officer and in life.

You’ll have people challenging and helping you to accomplish your personal best in academics and physical fitness.

Learn More If you’re an enlisted Airman considering becoming an officer, chances are you already know some of the benefits. Once you become an officer, you’ll have plenty of advancement opportunities to move into higher ranks in the Air Force.

Failure to comply with this deadline will result in loss of scholarship.

After graduation, in exchange for getting their college education paid for, a contracted cadet accepts a commission as a second lieutenant in the Air Force.

It’s also a great opportunity to pay for school through scholarships. Also, if you’re considering grad school, once you enter the Air Force, you’ll be eligible for graduate degree tuition assistance.

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