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She will be transitioning to coordinate on the national and hopefully international level.

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In the 1940's, the Pick-Sloan Plan was adopted to control flooding and began with 6 dams built.

Of 529,000 square miles, 31% is regulated, for electricity generation,... Chad Rose was introduced by club memeber Jo Behymer to talk about bullying.

The building will be located adjacent to the ARC and West Middle School. Rebekah Robertson, club member, invited Kirk Klingler to give a program on the Missouri Veteran's History Project.

Kirk enlisted in the Navy as part of the Delayed Entry Program while a HS student in 1976.

After the presentation, Ann Mc Ginity (L), chair of the Young Children Priority One committee, presented her with a $500 donation from the club. Christina is the current Executive Director and has been on the board for 6 years.

She has a background in early childhood special education.The organization is currently in the middle of renewing income streams.They serve 8 counties, and are located in Boone County.He became a sonar operator and was promoted to E-5. For the last 13 years working at Capri Casino, he is currently their IT Systems Analyst.The Missouri Veterans History Project began in October 2014.UGLAA (glossary acronym) was developed by him, starting with 12 pages in 2013 and now 58 pages with the latest update.

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