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Research suggests that more men enjoy scary movies.

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Personally, I wouldn’t be caught dead watching a scary movie.

(We’re just not aware of it.) That means that any positive emotions you experience – like having fun with friends – are intensified, he said.

Instead of focusing on the fright you felt during the film, you recall having a great time. However, if your experience was negative, you might not.

For instance, let’s say you were on a date that wasn’t going well or you got into a car accident on your way home, Sparks said.

Something else you don’t see are the visual effects, which tend to be fantastic, he said.

Some people get enamored with effects and like to figure them out, said Joanne Cantor, Ph.

In fact, I have a hard enough time sitting through the scarier scenes of “Sons of Anarchy.” (I watch it with my boyfriend, and sometimes need to leave the room.)With Halloween upon us — the prime season for horror films — I was curious to find out why some people savor scary movies. After the film is over, this physiological arousal lingers, Sparks said.

They freak me out, leaving me unsettled for days — the images a record player in my mind. Sparks’s research found that when people watch frightening films, their heart rate, blood pressure and respiration increases.

Men may derive social gratification from not letting a scary film bother them, Sparks said.

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