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So then why put yourself through that kind of stress?

You’re fucking awesome and if the other person can’t see that, that is THEIR problem, not yours.

With developments in technology, accessibility, and cultural perception, the dating landscape is constantly evolving.

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But just because that might be what we are ultimately seeking, it doesn’t mean that we are seeking that TODAY or more importantly, that we would try to seek that with YOU.

Here’s the thing, you can’t predict how you’re going to feel about someone and if either person enters into an interaction with any of these kinds of hopes or expectations, they’re fucking doing it wrong.

If you’re the chaser, you need to seriously ask yourself if the person you are chasing is A) actually into you and B) worth your time.

The hard truth is that if you’re doing a lot of pursuing or cat and mouse, the answer is probably a resounding no.

In addition to this, people are becoming increasingly disconnected and somewhat dysfunctional in terms of dating and real interaction with the opposite sex. I’ve made a list of a few of the problems that are top of mind for me. As much as I love online dating and I think it has a ton of benefits, it most certainly has its own shortcomings.

There is definitely more to cover but this is a good start. You’re still single, you’re not getting laid enough, and you’re not feeling any deep connections. If you aren’t having any luck online, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but a lot of it is probably your own fault.

Be honest with yourself, if you’re not actively pursuing the chaser in the same way, then what are you getting out of it? I feel like if someone isn’t as into the idea as you are, tell them to beat it.

You deserve to spend time with people who appreciate you and if they don’t, it should be their problem, not yours.

It’s really this simple: because men are so quick to give women attention, they make themselves highly dispensable. The gender roles can absolutely be reversed in this example but generally speaking, I find women to be in this position more than men.

If Guy A doesn’t pay attention to Girl A, Guy B will. Dudes: How many times have you messaged someone first on a dating platform and then never received a response back?

Treat women with respect and as equals – not as objects OR as a princess. If you stop expecting sex or placing someone on a pedestal, you’ll probably find yourself having sex way more often.

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