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The main difference between this solution and the others of such kind is that it is based on (Active Server Pages), developed and marketed by Microsoft Corporation. So, if you want to combine both dating and community sites, this one will not be s...Read more Evercurrent review | By: burden | May 30, 2009 This dating software review is addicted to a relatively simple solution with name Evercurrent. NET and the software authors mention everywhere that ASP.

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Review on Kootali Admin Panel | By: sunguard | Nov 23, 2009 This social networking script review will talk about the Admin CP of Kootali.

The Admin Panel of ASPnet Dating is located over here: you'... It is a community software and it must have a good admin panel to be able to manage the site information, users, etc. At least it is stated on the web-site of Dzoic Handshakes. Read more Dzoic Hand Shakes Review | By: Peter | Feb 1, 2009 This community software review will talk about Dzoic Handshakes.

Read more Dating Review | By: Bill G | Feb 1, 2009 In this article we’ll review Dating software. First of all I would like to mention that this is a completely community solution and doesn't have any dating parts.

NET is a more reliable, more comfortable and the easiest programming technology wor...

Read more Mojo Personals Review | By: PJBoss | Jan 26, 2009 Found another dating/community script today. The first thing which I want to mention that the main package of the software (which costs 299 USD) includes quite a few features which is not so good. Read more Review on Dolphin Admin Panel | By: best_pilot | Nov 17, 2009 This community script review will talk about the Admin CP of Dolphin.

Read more Review on e Meeting Admin Panel | By: spongebob | Nov 14, 2009 This dating script review will talk about the Admin Panel of e Meeting.

For this e Meeting review we’ll be using the Admin Panel demo from the official site of the company. Read more e Meeting Designing tool review | By: kubrikk | Mar 2, 2009 This dating script review will talk about a feature in e Meeting dating software package which is intended to customize the look of the site via admin panel. | By: Paullll | Mar 15, 2009 There are several features in Business Space software which I want to talk about. | By: superbob | Mar 13, 2009 Nowadays it is very popular to invite your friends to your group or community.

Some parts are being shipped in the main package, the others are being sold as separate modules. Read more Review on Az DGDating Admin Panel | By: shaker | Nov 11, 2009 This dating software review will talk about the Admin Panel of Az DGDating.


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