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And that page about sending in your feedback to some obscure Moscow address.

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My had promised he would get me one nest from the village. So, some of us would go for the numbers, while the others for the rarity. Much politics, many complaints, much anger, several fights would follow.

So, each summer holidays would begin with hope, and end in disappointment. We had so many British stamps and we would constantly palm them off to unsuspecting victims, in exchange for the highly rated Magyar Posta (Hungary) stamps or CCCP (erstwhile USSR) stamps.

So, if that was about collecting stuff, other memories abound. Panna was a strange game, where we would have to take a bet with someone, and every time we’d meet that person, we would hit that person hard and shout ‘panna’. We’d form our teams and play the game by slamming the book on and off! The game would go on even during a class, and was a nuisance to our teachers! Being lulled into sleep, even as .” Going to the post-office was another important errand.

Whoever said ‘panna’ first would be the winner for that particular time we met. If T-20 is the flavour of the season now, our favourite was a very innovative form of cricket. We had to get postage stamps worth some rupees for grandfather every now and then.

CCCP brings back memories of the days of Russian books.

Growing up in the eighties, that was another passion for me, collecting those Russian publications (they were so inexpensive then).

Another international match where Mohinder Amarnath walked in, red kerchief peeping out of his pocket, and walked back, first ball out!

Yet another India vs Pakistan test match, with the iconic Imran Khan!

Standing in front of that counter and reaching out to the woman there was quite scary.

Then, there was the constant fear of whether we had put the covers in the right dabba, one marked local and the other metro, I think. Finishing holiday home-work, buying KG cardboard from Madeshwara angadi, for the posters, buying ice-cream s” for whom cricket was also about Ranji cricket was fun.

Like other canids, it regurgitates food for its young, but this action is also extended to adults, to the point of being the bedrock of African wild dog social life.


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