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They continued: "Dougie is trying to make it in America as an actor and they are drifting apart".This might explain why Ellie missed the BRITs 2016, and rocked up to the BRITs afterparty alone... SOURCE: DAILY MIRRORHaving not been spotted together for a while, GLAMOUR HQ breathed a sigh of relief when we saw pictures of the couple shopping at their local Waitrose this week.They've decided to have a temporary break to see if they can work things out."They are both very sad that things have hit a rough patch, but are trying to see if a little distance can help them get through it."We're rooting for you, guys.

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A source told the Sun Online: "Ellie and Dougie were hanging out in the ceremony area after it had finished and most people had left."They continued: "Dougie was being very attentive and lent in to hug his ex and kiss her on the cheek before they headed towards the exit together.

They walked separately but were very friendly and amicable with each other."This comes after both Ellie and Dougie have both spoken in the past about their continued friendship after their break-up. I need time off for my own head," she told the paper.

It was clear they were loving each other’s company.” The 28-year-old bassist has previously been linked to Ellie Goulding, but it was his romance with a different singer that broke Pez’s heart.

“Dougie from Mc Fly started seeing Frankie Sandford from The Saturdays and I was gutted,” the blonde beauty said back in 2014.

I can't think of any of my friends or family who have been through a break-up and actually thought, 'That was all right'.

I am just grateful I am in a time in my life when I'm completely preoccupied with the tour and seeing my fans every night."If I wasn't on tour it would have been a great deal harder. I have been trying to take my mind off it by watching things and reading.

It was just a ring that fit on that finger", adding: "It didn't really look like an engagement ring though, did it?

"Dougie's bandmate Harry Judd then said: "That would have been a lame engagement ring, Doug."Last week, reports were flying around that an engagement is imminent. If Dougie was to ask, I'm almost certain Ellie's answer would be yes."Dougie's seen all of his friends get married and he'd surely love to do the same, for both of them it seems they've found 'the one'.""Ellie's had a difficult time over the years, especially when it comes to believing in herself."Dougie completely changed that," the source added.

I know in my heart that if I stopped doing this I would probably get depressed.

I’d end up very free – but very miserable," Ellie added.

After months of speculation, the 26-year-old Mc Fly singer confirmed the news while speaking with Fearne Cotton during last night's ITV2 documentary .


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