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Together, we three founders in Sunnyvale enjoyed a few drinks while discussing the biggest differences between Argentineans and Americans and life in general, all the while practicing English and Spanish, of course.” That anecdote pretty much sums up the easy, fluid nature of using Verbling to learn or practice a language.

Its founders say the service was designed to eliminate everyone’s most common problem with language learning.

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The ratings (double thumbs-up, thumbs-up and thumbs-down) will also play into Verbling’s revenue plans.

The startup will take the highest-rated users and give them the ability to sell their language-coaching services through the site, sharing the revenue with them. The team tells us that shortly after their launch, they started seeing new Verbling users popping up all around the world.

You can elect to chat at beginning, intermediate or advanced levels, and if you’re stuck for conversation topics, have no fear: Stanford language professors have developed a handy list of subjects for you.

When each chat is over, you can indicate whether your bilingual conversation was great, good or bad (more later on how these ratings will be used).

“We had conversations with people from Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Morocco.

Some of these people told us about their personal experiences of the Egyptian revolution and the recent protests in Syria, for example, which was tremendously eye-opening.” Jolis said this cultural exchange has become part of Verbling’s mission to provide world-changing social value in addition to language learning software.

Half our video chat will be in English, and half will be in French.

“Right when we launched a big new feature, we logged on and got connected with an Argentinian university teacher from Buenos Aires,” said co-founder Jake Jolis.

And you can do as many video chats as you like, continually improving your skills and meeting new partners.

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