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Kramer begins a romance with a librarian named Marion (Ashley Gardner).

3.7 The Café Airdate: 11/06/91 George’s girlfriend demands he take an IQ test for his studies and George recruits Elaine to help him succeed…but Elaine finds it a challenge.

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Plus, you get fun guest stars in some of the smaller roles like Katherine Keener as the artist behind The Kramer, Philip Baker Hall as the no-nonsense library investigator Bookman, and Michael Chiklis as a man that Jerry inspires to stray from his wife. In Season 2.7, you heard of a character called Newman (originally voiced by Larry David, revoiced by Wayne Knight for syndication).

In the classic two part “The Boyfriend”, you finally meet Jerry’s nemesis Newman played by Wayne Knight…leading to years of problems for Jerry.

The episodes have been collected but due to different airing schedules, some of the episodes airdates don’t match up with the numbering due to changes in airing (Episode 3.10 “The Stranded” was actually intended to be part of Season 2 and is collected there).

The season also featured the first hour long episode with “The Boyfriend” which was later split into two parts.

3.1 The Note Airdate: 09/18/91 Jerry (Jerry Seinfeld) offends his masseuse by asking about her child and finds he can’t get an appointment.

George (Jason Alexander) and Elaine (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) decide to go to Jerry’s masseuse when they learn it could be free with a medical note, but Jerry finds his friend under investigation for insurance fraud.

twenty years ago and not returning it…leading to an investigation by Lt. Elaine worries that her treatment at the office means she’s going to get fired.

George finds that the gym teacher he got fired is now homeless.

Jerry becomes obsessed with a new restaurant called the Dream Café which has opened near him and sets out to help the owner (Brian George) find its find its niche. 3.8 The Tape Airdate: 11/13/91 Jerry finds a sexy message on the recording of a routine, but doesn’t realize that Elaine played a joke on him…leading George to have a new perception of Elaine. Kramer learns that the man who took his coat has gone to prison…leaving the coat’s fate up in the air.

3.9 The Nose Job Airdate: 11/20/91 George finds his girlfriend Audrey (Susan Diol) is attractive but has a big nose…when Kramer points it out to her, Audrey decides to go through with a nose job.

George finds himself in an awkward position when he finds himself with a male masseuse…leading to a sexual crisis.

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