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Eminem Interview: "It's lonely at the top" (NY Rock, 2001) Are fame and fortune dreams come true? Born Marshall Mathers III and alternately known as Slim Shady, the guy from Detroit came from out of nowhere, skyrocketed to hip-hop stardom in less than two years, and is now a household name, unfortunately, for all the wrong reasons.

I'm under so much fuckin' pressure, pressure to always be good, pressure to always be on point. NYROCK: What was your life like before you became famous? I don't think I say the things I say for no reason. You know, I call it being honest, but some sick asshole who does sick things on the sly and doesn't talk about it is cool? That's what I've found just on a street level - fans, and people on the street. EMINEM: I know and I want to be there for my daughter, whenever she needs me.

There are so many pressures that go with my job right now. Sometimes I think I do a lot of fuckin' crazy shit but then I don't know what the fuck is normal. EMINEM: Before I was famous, when I was just working in Gilbert's Lodge, everything was moving in slow motion. Just like you might sit around in your living room and say, "Dude, stop, you're being a fag, dude." NYROCK: But you can see how it would insult homosexuals? That's the way that the word was always taught to me. Battling with somebody, you do anything you can to strip their manhood away. When I started saying "faggot" on record, I started getting people going, "You have something against gay people," and I thought it was funny. I have something against assholes, but I'm not into gay bashing. NYROCK: Your mouth got you in quite a lot of trouble. NYROCK: I guess you're not aiming for a career in diplomatic service... They either can't stand me or love me for telling the truth and saying what's on my mind. I want to be with her on every step of the way, ya know. Fuck all the fame and shit, Hailie is far more important. I realize that no matter how crazy I act onstage or how wild I may get, there's got to be a limit.

As you might imagine, the team in the production booth – led by Rogen’s character, Aaron Rapaport – reacts accordingly in this TMZ-infused, hyper-sensitive, pop-culture media landscape.

Eminem treats the whole thing very seriously, telling Franco’s character that he has been "playing gay peek-a-boo" with his fans, and has "pretty much been leaving a bread crumb trail of gayness" for his fans to follow back to the truth.

Now it seems like somebody has pressed the fuckin' fast forward button and my life just seems to be rushing by. EMINEM: Yeah, but it does not necessarily mean you're being a gay person. NYROCK: Sometimes it seems that you enjoy creating a bit of ruckus. EMINEM: I come from Detroit where it's rough and I'm not a smooth talker. Would it be easier to bite back some remarks, to stop the misunderstandings? If I'm crazy enough to think it, then I'm crazy enough to say it. Come on, I mean somebody who thinks really weird fuckin' shit, shit I really don't want to think about. NYROCK: You're a father; you have a little daughter.

It sometimes feels like a strange movie, you know, it's all so weird that sometimes I wonder if it is really happening. It might keep people from coming to your door and trying to fight you... They'd think I'm a sissy and would really want to kick my ass.

Twitter is hitting him up for participating in the scene, with haters and supporters weighing in at a pretty even clip.

Some who’ve seen the movie state: And yet, Eminem frequently has used his celebrity and his public persona to shine a light on homosexuality and gay rights.

You can watch the scene from Sony’s comedy here on Billboard.com, but don’t be surprised if it gets pulled down, soon.


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