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To do that, I need to reload my profile page to see the new notification: Yeah, I’ve “updated my profile picture” alright. 🙂 Again, move the cursor to a hidden spot, this time on the top right of the box that contains the image and update information… Now people can see my profile picture has changed, of course, and they can see the notification on my timeline about the photo upload (tho that can be deleted too) but the notification about me changing my profile pic should be invisible.

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So we'll try to answer your questions: What's different about the new profiles?

Current Facebook profiles list personal information such as birthday, relationship status and city of residence in a left-rail column underneath the user's single profile photo.

"I work at Facebook, and I spend all of my time there, right? Those really kind of basic, important things." In addition to your one profile photo, the default version of the new page displays five other recent photos that you've been tagged in.

Another new feature shows a history of your relationship with any of your Facebook friends. The new profile page will be rolled out over the next month or so, according to a blog post from Facebook.

I don't really feel like there's any real organization to it." Other commenters were more enthusiastic.

"For once I like the changes they are making, particularly being able to see your FB history (chats, events) with your friends, seeing all the "likes" you have in common, and viewing past messages with them at a glance," a user wrote.

You will also learn how to tag this photo and send it out into the newfeed via your wall.

(CNN) -- An update to Facebook profiles that was rolled out Sunday puts an emphasis on personal details: letting users introduce, or re-introduce, themselves to fellow users more quickly.

The new profile page, which many of Facebook's 500 million or so users were shifting toward Monday morning, is topped with recent photos and lists relationship, hometown and work status, among other details, right up front.


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