Fucing soundbars

I call it unhelpful advice because unfortunately without the instruction manual or the equipment to look at I have no specific idea how to fix it.

fucing soundbars-18

A decent sound bar will be better than any TV speaker I've ever seen, especially if you get one with a separate subwoofer.

A receiver & 5 separate speakers & a subwoofer will be even better- but if you do that buy a dedicated receiver (one that has HDMI inputs, so it sits in between your devices and your TV), not one of those not really a receiver DVD speakers in a box.

Checked the Sound bar to be sure that it is set to use RCA/analog audio in and not digital/optical ?

Checked that volume on both TV and soundbar are not set to zero ?

I've tried adjusting the settings under menu with no luck. Of HDTVs only: I've had 4 vizio TV's - the sound on some has been decent, on others, pretty bad. The dialog/action thing is a problem on any tv with any speakers, unless they have dynamic compression- my Receiver & large speakers do the same thing, because it is encoded that way in the source DVD.

Of the TVs I had, the ones with better speakers were obvious- if there were large speaker grills/opening on the front they were ok, if they were hidden/no speaker opening visible they were tiny and not very good.

If you don't have that center channel speaker, the dialogue is in the background, especially when it's quiet.

I have a Visio 32" and the TV audio is just okay--there are a few different setting available, so messing around with them might help.

My solution for better sound was to hook up my THX-certified Klipsch 2.1 Pro Media speakers--a vast improvement, I must say.

I hate offering such unhelpful advice but really the odds are 99 to 1 that you're missing some obscure setting with only a 1% chance that there's anything wrong with your TV or the sound bar.

In menu, audio outs are set to be on, TV speaker set to off ?

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