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Early glimpses of such efforts were afoot at a gathering of over 700 artificial-intelligence software developers, academics and researchers this week in Manhattan, where several talks focused on finding ways to make our robots, voice assistants and chatbots more, well, emotional."People are building these very intimate relationships with these companions, but right now these companions have no empathy," Rana el Kaliouby, CEO of emotional-recognition tech firm Affectiva, said onstage Tuesday at the inaugural O'Reilly Artificial Intelligence Conference.But once a particular program is unmasked, once its inner workings are explained ...

The concept is very similar to chatting with a robot in an internet chatroom or on an internet forum.

Users can chat about various topics, from school homework to song lyrics, or engage in cybersex-style chats.

The object of this paper is to cause just such a re-evaluation of the program about to be "explained". ELIZA's key method of operation (copied by chatbot designers ever since) involves the recognition of cue words or phrases in the input, and the output of corresponding pre-prepared or pre-programmed responses that can move the conversation forward in an apparently meaningful way (e.g. This is not strong AI, which would require sapience and logical reasoning abilities.

by responding to any input that contains the word 'MOTHER' with 'TELL ME MORE ABOUT YOUR FAMILY'). Jabberwacky learns new responses and context based on real-time user interactions, rather than being driven from a static database.

Thus, for example, online help systems can usefully employ chatbot techniques to identify the area of help that users require, potentially providing a "friendlier" interface than a more formal search or menu system. One pertinent field of AI research is natural language processing. Chatbots are often integrated into the dialog systems of, for example, automated online assistants, giving them the ability of, for example, small talking or engaging in casual conversations unrelated to the scopes of their primary expert systems.

This sort of usage holds the prospect of moving chatbot technology from Weizenbaum's "shelf ... Usually, weak AI fields employ specialized software or programming languages created specifically for the narrow function required. Currently chatbots are widely used as part of messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, and Kik for entertaining purposes as well as B2C marketing and customer service.

However Weizenbaum himself did not claim that ELIZA was genuinely intelligent, and the Introduction to his paper presented it more as a debunking exercise: [In] artificial intelligence ...

machines are made to behave in wondrous ways, often sufficient to dazzle even the most experienced observer.

Interface designers have come to appreciate that humans' readiness to interpret computer output as genuinely conversational—even when it is actually based on rather simple pattern-matching—can be exploited for useful purposes. While ELIZA and PARRY were used exclusively to simulate typed conversation, many chatbots now include functional features such as games and web searching abilities. Chatbot competitions focus on the Turing test or more specific goals.


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