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Nebraska took advantage and quickly scored a touchdown.

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(The Huskers trailed 27-6 midway through the third quarter.) But before Miller was forced out of the game, Husker LB Lavonte David, made arguably the Defensive Play of the Year.

He stripped the ball from Miller, putting Nebraska in scoring position.

It's just proves how one game -- one win -- really changed the year for Nebraska.

Speaking of the number nine (my apologies to Herman Cain), did you know that nine Husker opponents are playing in bowl games this year?

The Huskers are playing in a January bowl, have a chance at a 10 win season and a Top 15 finish.

Had it not been for the "Cornhusker Comeback," who knows what would have happened?So when Bo Pelini took over in '08, he was "expected" to restore the nine-win tradition. Not surprisingly, when the Huskers beat Iowa in the regular-season finale to go 9-3, there was a collective sigh of relief coming from Husker fans (and we suppose even Pelini himself). Husker fans had expected more from this year's team.Instead of cheering for the Huskers in the B1G Championship game, they had to sit back and watch Michigan State (a team Nebraska beat by 21 points earlier in the season) take the Huskers' spot in that game. And the string could have continued even if the Huskers had lost another game.5.) But no one expected Nebraska to lose the following week at home to "lowly" Northwestern. The following week, the Huskers outlasted Penn State on the road and would have put them at 3-3 and 7-3.A 2-3 conference record would have spelled the end of the Huskers' chances of a divisional title. 8.) Up next was another double-digit loss (45-17) at Michigan.All the proceeds from this auction will go to Husker Dan's Army and Husker Fans' Salute To The Troops.

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