Guide to dating black woman

Despite the fact that this was the 90s, it was still the South.

So many of my classmates mocked Black culture, defended the Georgia state flag and compared slavery to the potato famine that I didn't exactly feel like interracial dating was an option. I mean, how could I not eventually date a white guy? Along with Sociology, it was practically a required course.

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These books and TV shows that continue to perpetuate this lie, are only interested in profiting from our insecurity and we need to call them on their bullshit. This need to lump everyone together instead of taking the time to learn things about the individual is so lame and lazy. I mean, of course they will be, my fiancee and I are both INCREDIBLY good looking but that is always the first thing people comment on. I wonder if kids will mockingly ask them, "What ARE you?

It creates more of a divide when we need to keep fighting for unity. I find that some Black women feel that a White guy will treat them better than a Black guy will. I'm more interested in what my children will aspire to be, having creative parents. " I wonder, if they acknowledge both their Black AND White sides, will people insist that they choose just one.

My friend assumed he was flirting with her; I thought his rather cute smirk was aimed in my direction, but I kept my thoughts to myself.

You can imagine the awkwardness that ensued when after the set, he walked right up to me and asked me my name.

DON' T ASK ME IF WHAT THEY SAY ABOUT BLACK GUYS VS. While we can certainly generalize about the physical attributes of all races, penis size seems to be the most obsessed over. Also, you don't need to be all up in my sex life like that.

I'm not the kind of chick who needs to go on and on about the size of a man's penis and those that do get an eyebrow raise from me. Do you really want to know if what they say is true?

I had this one friend and I swear to God, every time she started dating a new guy he had the BIGGEST PENIS SHE HAD EVER SEEN. Sleep with a white guy, then sleep with a black guy.

Better yet, invite them both over and do a side-by-side comparison. DON' T ASK ME IF I' VE GIVEN UP ON BLACK MEN.

That being said, I still ended up feeling like I was constantly defending and explaining my choices to overly enthused white women, annoyed Black men, judgmental Black women and fetishizing white men. Let's just say I've been surprised about how UNTRUE it is.

Hopefully, this handy guide will help all of us approach the subject in a more informed and less dickish manner. Also, I am not some census-taking dick measurer, OK?

I attended a posh mostly Catholic prep school in the suburbs of Atlanta. At lot of us took MARTA (the public transportation system) home.


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