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Instead of just matching my clients, I focused on boosting their confidence and helping them understand the most important traits they needed in an ideal partner and why.

My favorite part of matchmaking was coaching, and I decided to bring those coaching skills to the cannabis community.

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Weed Flirt, a cannabis friendly online dating website for adults 21 years and older, is now open to membership in the USA.

The website is accessible from browsers on desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones. "Marijuana users have long struggled when it comes to finding a partner that doesn’t freak out when the question of cannabis use comes up.

Ashley: I recently heard about a situation where someone consumed too much cannabis before a date and ended up focusing more on the paintings on the wall than their date.

As a dating coach, what advice would you offer with regards to dating and cannabis consumption?

I have a family member who has been touched by the need for medical cannabis and I see cannabis as a civil right, and a medicine that saves lives.

Ashley: Can you tell me about your work as a matchmaker before you found the cannabis industry?Weed Flirt has partnered with Beehive ID for a complete package of identity verification and background checks for new members.The object is to help prevent identity theft, scamming, fraud and sexual crimes often found on free dating sites. Members are encouraged to meet at local events as well as create group happenings.Meeting in groups is a great way to break the ice, make friends and find the perfect partner.She owns Highly Devoted, a cannabis-friendly dating site and life coaching company.


  1. There is simply no guarantee of privacy on the Internet, and you never know when even a private correspondence can turn sour.

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