Hepatitis dating

You also don’t want to wait too long to tell your partner. If they seem unconcerned or ignorant regarding the topic, that should also be a red flag.

And until you know their hepatitis b status (whether or not they are immune), you should always use protection. hold off on sex and wait until the 3rd date to tell them about your condition. Regardless of how much information you pass on to your partner, many will not be comfortable continuing the relationship. If they respect your honesty, if they respect the fact you care enough to look out for their health, if they respect you as a human being, and if they care enough to do some research on the disease, then you’re one step closer to knowing that they’re a keeper.

Here’s a good read, and good advice: You don’t want to tell everyone you meet about your condition. By then, you should have a reasonably good idea of whether or not this new relationship is going anywhere – but it’s still early enough that you won’t be completely heartbroken if they bail on you. Ultimately, this is going to be a challenge – but who knows, they might reveal that they also have hepatitis B and at the very least you can start a dialogue regarding safe sex and STD’s.

Since the disease can be spread through the mucous membrane, the infection can be transmitted through sexual intercourse.

This can lead to a daunting experience with dating for a positive hepatitis single because some people will not want to date them.

In Florida, a sweep of men produced 44 hits, with just one in Miami.

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at what point do you tell someone about your hepatitis B condition?

The answer is really up to each individual, but most would agree that your partner should know before engaging in any sexual activity. You have to accept this very real possibility and prepare for it.

A few are dedicated solely to HCV dating, but most of them mix in hep C with herpes and some other common STDs.


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