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With a view to this end, Indo-Canadian families favor community events as the ideal venue for meeting with prospective partners as well as their respective families.

This for one ensures a congregation of people with almost identical racial, religious and linguistic affiliations besides allowing a non-committal approach to any matrimonial negotiations.

At the same time since these sites target the contemporary Indo-Canadians, members can look forward to connect with partners brought up according to the multi-cultural ethos of Canada and thus possessing a certain degree of liberality and open-mindedness.

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Most of Indo-Canadian population is concentrated in the Greater Toronto Area and the Metro-Vancouver/Fraser Valley Region.

Besides these, there are growing communities of Indo-Canadians in cities like Edmonton, Calgary and Montreal.

Sites like Indo-Canadian Speed offer not only speed dating choices but also help young men and women to get in touch with each other over social networking and chat sites.

On sites like these members can browse through and choose partners according to racial and ethnic groups, professional and geographical preferences.

As a result religious festivals, marriages and cultural celebrations are often seen as a desirable platform for getting young people to know each other.

However, today a majority of the young people of Indian origin in Canada are second or even third generation Indo-Canadians who have been educated in and exposed to the ethic of multicultural living in Canada.

However with change of Canadian government’s immigration policies after the Second World War, the first wave of immigrants were allowed to be naturalized Canadians and this encouraged more people from the home countries to emigrate to Canada.

The later decades saw hundreds of thousands of people from India migrating to Canada on the basis of skills that were required in the North American country.

The Indian Diaspora has evolved its own cultural practices in different parts of the world.


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