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Students should be able to live, study, and work in an environment free from all forms of sexual misconduct, dating/domestic violence, and stalking.

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This policy sets forth resources available to students, describes prohibited student conduct, and establishes procedures for responding to sexual misconduct, dating/domestic violence, stalking, and other unwelcome sexual behavior.

A student who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time of an incident should not be reluctant to seek assistance for that reason.

Some people believe that it only counts as sex if a penis goes into a vagina, but this isn't true for everybody.

There are lots of different ideas about what sex can be: Most sexperts like us believe "sex" includes any or all of the above.

Although it's less likely you'll get an STD from oral sex than from unprotected vaginal or anal sex, safer is always better.

So for safer oral sex, use a condom to cover the penis, or a Sheer Glyde dam, cut-open condom, or plastic wrap to cover the vulva or anus. A lot of people enjoy anal sex, and lots of people don't like it at all. If you don't like it or don't want to try it, don't let anyone pressure you into it.

Many parents and other adults you trust can offer great information and advice about sex, health, and staying safe.

One way to avoid awkwardness is to ask your parents questions about what they think about sex to show them that you respect their opinions. " Asking them questions about what it was like when they were your age or when they first started having sex is a great way to learn, get their trust, and even hear some funny or cute stories from their past.

If one of you has a penis and the other has a vagina, and you're having the kinds of sex that can cause pregnancy, it's also important to use birth control if you don't want to get pregnant.


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