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I usually read the credits, but yesterday I ran from the cinema. I was totally entranced, and it could have gone on for another 160 minutes as far as I was concerned, I was so involved.

I wish the conclusion had held more promise for the future.

loved it would see it again : Oddly enough I agree with both Margaret and David!

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Set in post World War 1 England, Connie Chatterley, (MARINA HANDS), is married to the aristocratic Clifford, (HYPPOLYTE GIRARDOT). Look, this is this woman's journey from a very repressed situation into an area of liberation - both sexual liberation and emotional liberation. I wouldn't want it to move any faster than it does. The Connie actress is extremely evocatiave and sensitive, not to mention intelligent.

His wounds from the war make him a less than satisfactory husband. The drama - moments of drama are - there are inter-titles on the screen saying "Oh, the aunt arrived and she got all frustrated because she..."DAVID: No, Margaret, you're being extremely unfair. Relationships between characters had depth, not just Hollywood same old.

Theres something here in this film that I reacted against. MARGARET: No, there's the sex, but where is the drama? What stood out was the poor and simply bad choice of shots by the director.

I read the book many years ago and I thought it was a masterpiece. The editing made even less sense with random and incoherent cut aways to next scenes.

: Fabulous film, thank god for the Europeans' take on sex and nudity. I agree with David in relation to character development, pace and the wise and compassionate take on sensuality.

Margaret - perhaps you had a few too many coffees before you caught this one? : I have to admit that I got rather bored in the middle of this film.We love your show and the website (which I looked at for the first time today) : This film failed in that it was the French playing the English. ) but once I got used to the pace I just drifted along with it as the characterisation developed with the aid of some beautiful and subtle acting.Totally translated into a French setting it could have worked, maybe. It wasn't just the two main characters who developed, but the husband as well as he accepted his war wounded situation and consequent inability to have children.Thats the problem with making a very English film about class in another language. And might I say, the film is almost as long as my review, way too long! I think it's very beautifully and very sensitively directed. I think this is certainly by far the best version of this story, for me, anyway. Connie is a bit plain and boring to begin with but once the relationship begins she comes alive and i thought marina hands was lovely.the scenery was beautiful and the direction sensitive.But wandering the estate Lady Chatterley is shocked at the thrill she feels seeing the semi-naked body of the game-keeper Parkin, (JEAN-LOUIS COULIC'CH). The gamekeeper's speech at the end did not quite ring true, but otherwise, the movie was incredible. i think margaret missed the true dynamics of this sensual movie. i have seen it a few and for me it gets better and better. what a great actor.i wish he were in a few more movies. I would've hated to pay more than the for this one.

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