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Our clients-women have high level of culture, well-educated, the majority speaks foreign languages.Only we can offer you all range of services, from individual match making introductions to organizing socials, where hundreds of men and women can find a life-partner.

Video profiles are also available for selected ladies.

Phone translation, gift delivery and tour arrangements to name a few extra features that are available to current members. Russian dating and marriage agency is offering romance calls to Russia, introduction and translation services.

Managers Natalia and Olga know a lot of their clients personally.

The agency started as [do a short interview] and is now offering [......].

An updated Moscow Phone Directory is coming soon, and as a special offer our users can register their companies and organizations for FREE until the end of this month. The largest full-time staff in the industry - more than 80 full-time professionals in US and Moscow offices.

Flower and gifts delivery to hundreds of cities and towns across all 11 time zones. Web: thousands of beautiful Russian women looking for a relationship abroad.

I've been sending them western men in search of Russian brides for the last four years at least, and in many cases accompanying them myself in the capacity of a guide, an interpreter, and an all-around consultant.

From the agency's point of view you will thus not be an off the street client, with all the privileges that entails in Russia where the mere fact that you are a paying client will not necessarily get you service.

Their latest project is a separate database of about 500 women who "do not mind" marrying a foreigner, which is quite different for seeking to actively seeking marriage in order to leave the country..

See their women who answered Yes to the question if they want their profiles seen by clients from abroad.

"Dialogue" Metro Alexeyevskaya, near the National Exhibition grounds Tel.


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