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Gunn used two principal schemes to obtain photos of these young girls in various states of undress.

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The second scheme—dubbed “The Justin Bieber Ruse”—began sometime in November 2011, or possibly even earlier, and continued until shortly before Gunn was arrested in March of this year.

Under that scheme, Gunn, pretending to be the internationally famed pop star, Justin Bieber, contacted the minor victims primarily by using Internet-based interactive video chat services, such as Omegle and Skype.

For those who complied, Gunn continued sending further demands and more threatening communications.

For example, girls who provided a photo of themselves in nothing but underwear were extorted for topless photos.

Over a period of more than two years, Gunn repeatedly used computers, chat rooms, and other social media outlets to threaten hundreds of young girls, ages 9 to 16, located throughout the United States and internationally.

Because there is no parole in the federal system, Gunn will serve a minimum of 30 years in the federal penitentiary.Once he had convinced the minor victims that he was, in fact, Justin Bieber, Gunn would allegedly offer them free concert tickets, backstage passes, or some other fan-related benefits if they would agree to send him a webcam transmission or a photo of themselves with their breasts exposed.Some of the minor victims of Gunn’s two extortion schemes complied to varying degrees with his demands; others did not.Under that scheme, Gunn contacted the minor victims by sending them a message over Facebook.He then pretended to be a new kid in town looking for friends.The investigation of Gunn started in April 2011 by officers of the Prattville (Alabama) Police Department, after female students at Prattville Junior High School complained that someone using the screen name “Tyler Mielke” had been asking them for sexually explicit pictures over Facebook.


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