Podcasts not updating on itunes on iphone

Downcast is there, and I send it all the podcast MP3 files I want to listen to.

podcasts not updating on itunes on iphone-44

But how can I find those synced podcast episodes on the i Phone? And if you are going to ask me "Why don't you just stream or download podcasts directly from the internet and use the 'Podcast' app like they want you to? Half the time it loses the connection and won't load and then it gets permanently screwed up.

And the other half of the time, the "Podcast" app decides that all the episodeseven the ones that have been downloadedare "not available at this time." Fuck that.

I listen to the PTI, Around the Horn and NBA Today podcasts religiously.

For the last 4 months or so I've been downloading them and listening to them via my i Phone.

The basic idea is that we’re going to create a calendar event using Automator, and we’re going to stick an Apple Script into it which will tell i Tunes it to refresh your podcasts.

Your Apple Script should look exactly as you see above.

I'm doing it right now and the latest episodes are from 6/30 and then 6/25. When I subscribe the present 7/1 episode was the latest on the feed.

Looking in my i Phone, the last 5 are from 6/30, 6/29, 6/28, 6/25, 6/24. Check your feed and make sure you are subscribing to the same feed on i Tunes.

Save your Automator Calendar Event with a name like “Refresh i Tunes” or something like that you’d like to see on your calendar.


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