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Hills was a fine Jacobean house, sadly demolished in the early 1800s, that once boasted landscaping by Capability Brown, and was home to the lngram Lords lrwin.Two redoubtable lngram widows fought over control of the borough with the Dukes of Norfolk.Although this was not implemented until 1541, Collyers was the oldest surviving Sussex grammar school until it became a sixth form college in 1976.

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Meanwhile the town was continuing to flourish: in the 1400s two more private chantries were founded as well as a mutual brotherhood for the less well-off, and the Archbishop was able to cash in on this success by getting permission for a market and fair on his land just outside the borough boundary at the end of West Street.

The Green Dragon aka The Olive Branch was probably built to manage these.

Chesworth was rebuilt in the early part of the 1500s by the second Howard Duke of Norfolk, and more local and national documentation begins to survive.

Horsham tax-payers are listed by name in 1524, under North, East, South and West Streets, and The Skarfolkes (Carfax) and parish registers are pretty continuous from 1541, containing a number of references to aristocratic visitors to Chesworth.

The Manor House was built by Nathaniel Tredcroft about 1704 on land that was owned by the manor of the rectory, known as Hewells, and remained with the family for over 150 years.

Park House was built on burgage land from 1689 onwards and Springfield about 1758, initially on the profits of brewing.At about this time Horsham was touched by national events of some moment; Henry VIIIs fifth wife, Catherine, had spent some formative time at her step-grandmothers house at Chesworth, where she had behaved no worse than many of her contemporaries with a music master and other young bloods.Unfortunately this rebounded when it came to light after she became queen, and resulted in her execution.The first described a hunting area, the second a homestead belonging to a farmer called Ceoldred.When the survey of 1086 was taken (Domesday) Horsham was hidden within the entry for Washington, but we do know that there were nine households with a small herd of pigs, working the land west of Horsham, lying between Marlpost and North Heath.Horsham is a rare case where the name of the place has not altered since it was first written down in a Saxon charter of 947, meaning the place where horses were bred and/or pastured.


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