Rain dating scandal

Rain began his service as a member of the Defense Media Agency of the Ministry of National Defense in March of 2012.

For the 300 days in the Defense Media Agency, he took 17 stand-down days, 10 unofficial overnight stays, and 44 official overnight leaves for a total of 71 vacation days, which averages out to a day off every 4.22 days.

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That would make Yoon Kye Sang public enemy number one of most men in Korea, what with the luscious Honey’s allure in that country amongst the male gender.

Back in January during the dating-scandal blitz when there were reported couplings appearing left and right (most were later debunked as rumors), one of them was that Yoon Kye Sang and Honey Lee were secretly dating and had jetted off to Bali together on a trip.

Turns out that wasn’t true at all and both quickly denied it.

But because of that scandal, Yoon Kye Sang and Honey Lee actually started spending time together and a month later started dating. Singer Kim Tae Woo, who was formerly bandmates with Yoon Kye Sang in boyband ., went on a talk show this week and revealed that he’s actually been crushing on Honey Lee since he was in the army and saw her gorgeous pictorial in a magazine.

The media is all in a frenzy to confirm the truth, and the news was so surprising that even Jeon’s management, Sidus HQ, had nothing to say other than “We’re checking to see if it’s true.

This is the first we’re hearing about it.” Romance rumors are pretty common and sometimes turn out to be false or spread purposely to drum up buzz, but a “scandal” of this magnitude attracts an unusual level of interest.

Acting aside, she’s no pretty airhead, Honey Lee graduated from Seoul National University and is an accomplished professional level gayageum player.

The latest romance scandal to hit the internet features two top stars, Rain and Jeon Ji-hyun, and the reports, mixed with speculation, are coming fast and furious.

Talk about fact imitating fiction and becoming truth.


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