Relationship dating seminar

The MST seminar is carefully designed to provide the right environment to maximize your learning and skill acquisition. Warmth, support and enthusiasm are the defining features of the MST experience.

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The program covers all the knowledge and skill areas that research has shown to be essential to successful marriages. We guarantee that youll experience new areas of intimacy during the seminar.

MST will excite and inspire you as it deepens the bond between you.

Here's some of what we feel makes Marriage Success Training superior to other programs and worth traveling to participate in: Our approach is eclectic.

Along with our original content, we've reviewed the marriage research (e.g., Gottman) and most of the major premarital education programs (e.g., PREP, Prepare-Enrich, Engaged Encounter, etc.) and incorporated the most effective elements.

But surprisingly few couples understand all, or even most, of the ingredients that make for success.

Do you know the stages that all marriages experience?

Before challenges build up or become entrenched and before the demands of career and childrearing have intensified.

During MST, you and your partner will work together to learn about your relationship compatibility profile, to strengthen your relationship skills and to plan long-term strategies to promote growth and address areas of challenge. The individualized nature of the program will help you focus on the areas where your relationship can benefit most.

The seminar includes a guided review of your relationship profile, a series of carefully structured and moderated group discussions covering all the research-validated content areas, strategy and skill demonstrations, and other activities and exercises, with lots of interaction, planning and skill practice with your partner under our guidance.

MST will actually lead you and your partner through the process of working together to begin building the customized relationship skill set thats right for you and that will serve you for a lifetime. The seminar provides 8 hours of direct prep, plus you do 2 - 3 hours of pre-seminar, self-guided relationship inventory and review exercises, then you have the option to do up to 2 - 3 or more hours of additional, self-guided optional topic exercises following the seminar.

MST is for engaged couples, couples considering marriage, and recently married couples.


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