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Controversial Star’s mood swings are unpredictable. Rushes mole reports this incident: CS met with relatives backstage during an out-of-town engagement. ‘Bi’ lines Observers wonder why this promising romance went pfft.

At first CS was welcoming and even sweet, chatting up a storm with the guests. In front of HH and everyone in the waiting room, CS scolded the startled kin. Hunky Celeb and Perky Starlet seemed to be a match made in heaven. Thing is, while HC is rumored to be bisexual, PS is bipolar.

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Food for thought (from someone who has been there, done that): The movie press has gotten used to Annabelle Rama’s “fighting” stance during a presscon, especially when she’s talking about her extended feud with daughter Ruffa Gutierrez who is in love with a foreigner not to Annabelle’s liking.

But at yesterday’s presscon at Marco Polo Hotel for Season 4 of the family show on E!

“Even my family knows the reason why we broke up and Jessy was never in it.” With that one sentence, delivered direct to the point, Luis Manzano has set the record straight about his break-up with Angel Locsin. Angel was quoted as saying, That’s what Angel said when movie writers asked for her reaction to Luis’ statement that his break-up with Angel did not involve a third party. She seemed to insinuate that there was indeed a “third party” identified in unverified/unconfirmed reports as Jessy Mendiola.

“How can that be when Luis and Angel broke up last January It was Luis and Angel’s second break-up; the first was a few years ago.

‘B’ for brazen Showbiz Insider is appalled by colleague’s audacity.

SI wonders why Industry Bigwig is allowed to “copy” other people’s works.

Luis was then linked to Jennylyn Mercado and Angel to Azkal Phil Younghusband.

When they split up with their new short-lived loves, Luis and Angel got back together again.

She is also rumored as the cause of the breakup of the marriage of Ian Veneracion and his wife Pam Gallardo, a wild yarn that spread two days before news about Jessy’s .” When Luis heard that rumor, he said, “Not true,” hinting that Jessy is not the type who would wreck a marriage.


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