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Asuka debate: Rei: ARGHH I'm gonna rip your eyes out!!!

people make wierd flash games, but they can be funny at times. You do know that you're the only one who has been posting in this thread until doughboy, right? (Asuka shoves a ruler down your throat and spins it around) Along with "who shot Kaji", the game also gives the answer to the Rei vs. (Asuka removes Rei's head with a plastic bucket and spade some kid left on the beach).

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It's insanely out of proportion to what the characters seem to be. I don't think we can keep quiet about this anymore, poetic. A favorite part of mine: Asuka: I'm the better pilot, want to date? Asuka: How about I'm going to kill you with this ruler. the hope that people will one day be able to understand each other, and Kaworu is the words... I think they are two beings that will always be watching over everything~lol my first time through I didn't get to either.

You should read the ' Sex Kitten Sim-Date RPG' game's dialogue. and depending on whom you are dating, Rei or Asuka. then when you talk to Kaworu it gives you the option to stab him in the eye with a pen.

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Story would be useful for future long term boyfriend.

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  1. Tickets to the event at Green Space are until Feb.

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  3. They are very in love with each other and they always miss each other ve...

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