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I battled for MONTHS with other bloated spreadsheet libraries and found them so cumbersome. See benchmarks of how Spreadsheet Light perform in speed and memory use.

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Very simply, the Main thread creates a delegate that points to Prints Stuff and calls for the delegate to start executing Print Stuff on a separate thread.

A parameter is passed to Print Stuff in the process and Main can continue working while Print Stuff is busy.

It’s delightfully lightweight because it’s simply an abstraction added on top of the Open XML SDK.

No more worrying about XML Elements or looking up strings—just read or write a cell and be on your merry way. Alex Bestul I have worked with another library to create older XLS spreadsheets but I found your library to be far superior in ease of use and elegance of design.

We are using Spreadsheet Light both internally as well as in our commercial products. Clark French President Computer Intelligence Associates, Inc. I think it doesn’t show the most advanced object-architecture, but that is something I really appreciate. Others might like an approach that makes working with it more like working with a Data Table.

But I understand that for more complex / mixed documents that wouldn’t work.

Today I’ve automated the creation of an excel file that contains all my stocks with a chart and the underlying price table, each of them on a separate named worksheet.

It ended up with just 60 lines of code for nicely formatted price tables and charts which was great, also because I’ve spent only about 2 hours and it was the first time doing it.

Another point is that while there is a help included it’s mostly self-explaining.

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