Sitemappath not updating

You can click on that particular page in the Site Map to navigate to that page.

If we restart the application pool or modify and save the web.config or the web.sitemap XML files, the Site Map Path starts loading again.

Does anyone have any ideas what could be causing this?

Before I revert to the earlier package, does anybody know why this can be? Site Map Provider/wiki/Upgrading-from-v3-to-v4 Cheers, J mvc.sitemap Currently there is no way to specify preserved Route Parameters globally, so you will need to supply this attribute on every node.

However, be aware that your localized pages won't appear in the XML sitemap endpoint at to the default versions of these URLs.

Render Current Node As Link : It specifies whether or not the site navigation node that represents the currently displayed page is rendered as a hyperlink.

Path Seperator : It specifies the string that displays the Site Map Path nodes in the rendered navigation path.

Short story is MS has addressed it with this hotfix:

scid=kb;en-US;2472263 In our case, if the first request to the website was from a cookieless device (in our case it was some Russion bot, Yandex), the sitemap would be built with cookiless URLs and cached.

We have a Site Map Path control on the page and this is bound to an XML Web.sitemap file with the default provider.

We've had this site for years and have recently upgraded to ASP. For some reason, after about 6-12 hours of operating (not sure exactly when, but it is consistent), the Site Map Path stops loading for everyone.

It is a navigation control and displays the map of the site related to its web pages.


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