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I am not married, at least not yet, but I am addicted to ****, erotic material, such as erotic stories, non-nude sexual images and ************. The first couple of years we had sex everyday and 2-3 on weekend days. The first time I found out he was having sex with another woman I was in SHOCK. - When we first got married we had a normal healthy sex life, but within 5 years it stopped.

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Mainly at work and late at night when he was suppose to be working in the next room. Just as things were getting better he confessed that his fantasy were sexually statistic- Rape... It's been a year now since I confronted my husband with the interenet **** he was seeking... He fell asleep on the couch after a long day and it was lying there on the floor. I don't think he has ever cheated on me with another woman, but he has posted and responded to ads on Craigslist multiple times using a secret email. Whch was fine I really dont get into the sexual activity but I do enjoy the intimacy part.

First I want to tell all of the other women on here how terribly sorry I am that you too were deceived by the man that you married. I too have been married for 19 years to a man who I found out was a sex addict. I was just flipping through his photos that we took over the holidays, then somehow ended up in his email. We finally got married and I have just found out he has...

He's been doing this for almost 9 years, Our relationship spans 9 1/2 years. It seems odd to me that I never before really totally connected my 2 biggest marriage problems in my mind. I have been married to who I thought was the man of my dreams for almost 18mo now.

My husband is a po*n addict, which has almost destroyed our marriage from my point of view, and I think I am having an emotional affair with one of my best friends, which... He has been my support through my hardest trials and He was everything I needed.

But I was either in denial or just brushed it off as no big deal. You want to know how this could have happened to you.

Why it happened to you, chances are you have been the perfect wife to him and the perfect mother to his children.

It's actually been a long time since my spouse was an active sex addict. if i tell the whole story, it will take a while i think. I wrote my full story on another topic including narcissism however would love opinions etc. My husband ( and i use this term loosley) is a **** addict!

i'll try to make it as short as i can without leaving anything out. We think we know when and it all started and why it happened. He is usually the one who stayed in bed after sex, not me. So long as people don’t talk about it the problem, it only gets worse. And he is by far one of the grossest lowest most perverted ones out there. He was in counselling and a support group and I thought he was doing better.

He is addicted to Second Life which is an interactive online site where you have an...


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