The localisation and dating of medieval icelandic manuscripts daisy lowe dating matt smith

An illustrated copy of the , it attracted the special attention of Yale President Ezra Stiles, who read the manuscript and annotated it in the 1790s.The systematic collecting of medieval manuscripts at Yale, however, dates from the late nineteenth century, and the most active period for collecting was after 1930.

the localisation and dating of medieval icelandic manuscripts-73

Commonly used abbreviations are available here (pdf, 5 p.) and the Introduction, by Barbara Shailor, can be downloaded here (pdf, 8 p.).

The Medieval & Renaissance Manuscripts Catalog also contains records for manuscripts in the Mellon Alchemical Collection as well as short descriptions of manuscripts acquired by the Library since the publication of the The Beinecke Library is actively scanning its medieval and Renaissance holdings.

I include here a list of a few apps that are currently (January 2017) available.

I have not linked these to the i Tunes store, because results will differ depending on your country of origin. The landing page is in English or German, but the search and catalogue pages are in German only. Images in full digitizations are large, so navigation can be a bit slow.

Sometimes a manuscript is physically located in one country, but has been digitized in another; in these cases, the sponsoring institution is used (so, for example, the British Library manuscript Cotton Nero A.x, because the images are housed at the University of Calgary, appears under the listings for Canada).

When I began this list many years ago, there were very few manuscript sites on the web.

is the access point to digitizations of both fragments and a few complete manuscript (including a 13th-century theological miscellany; a 13th-century Bible; a 15th-century Book of Hours; and a Spanish chant manuscript); organization is confusing, and access to the images themselves is frustratingly slow : database of images from medieval manuscripts in libraries across France.

Most manuscripts are represented by only a few images.

A Book of Her Own: Based on a 2006 exhibition that explores books owned by women before the year 1700.

The list below is intended to offer quick access to various digitization projects on the web: clicking the project title will take you directly there.

The Beinecke Library’s Medieval and Renaissance collections document the history of human thought from the Byzantine era through 1600.


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