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However, we strongly suggest signing up for their six month plan for /month.

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Three niche dating sites for targeted romance Chatarabgirls

Of course there are other major players in online dating. It targeted the same niche as Match and e Harmony (mainstream online dating). Because it was the first major player in a completely new niche – .

As and e Harmony became ever more dominant, other entrants into the scene found it very hard to compete with these two giants.

So they were forced to move further down into the long tail of dating. Here are some examples I can think of: You’ll actually find that there are a huge number of long tails in dating.

Some of these niches aren’t totally saturated, so it’s possible to launch a new site and become a major player in this niche.

So why not when looking for a boyfriend or girlfriend? And such online dating success spans across demographic groups—targeted niche sites like e Harmony senior online dating have hugely helped singles get back into the dating game later in life. And start by choosing the online dating site that will work best for you.

There are literally thousands of dating websites to choose from. Check out the full reviews or, if you are the impatient sort, skip ahead to our conclusions: Life on centers around people’s one-page profile.e Harmony employs a much more guided (or regimented, depending on your point of view) system.It starts with you filling out a very lengthy questionnaire about yourself and the traits you value in a partner.As I actually run a successful dating site, with a lot of members, I have plenty of data to play around with.So I wondered if there were any long tails in my membership data.Here’s one wonderful example of a Long Tail: This chart shows the number of times a member of my site has viewed a particular member’s profile. This assumes that user accounts are held in a table called Users and every time their profile is viewed it logs a row in Profile Views.

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