Updating component registration norton

Final verdict An incredibly competent and comprehensive suite to keep your data and your privacy safe from the newest threats.

At first, I would try to install it, and nothing would happen. Also, when I plugged in my HD capture into my computer, it said Installation Failed for that and does not recognize it as a device. Confirm that you are attempting to install the disc from a driver that is located ON the PC you are installing it on???

I contacted Technical Support and they had no Idea what I was talking about. Everything installs fine until it says "updating component registration." It sits on that for about an hour until it finally says that the installation was interrupted. (there was mention of "Server" several times in your log)This is extensive, but it what I suggest... In that new folder, right click on and select Properties.

Hello, I'm having the issue where installs don't work, but just get stuck on Updating component registration.

On Windows 7 to fix this you had to remove update KB2918614, but now I can't find a way to do it as that update is not longer around. Thanks, Daniel Hello, First hello to everybody, I am new to this forum, although I read it frequently.

Review The Standard edition of Norton Security offers a multi-pronged approach to security that brings together several Norton products into one handy tool.

Norton is a name long associated with virus protection, and antivirus is a key component of this package, but there's much more besides.Sorry for posting in this 'old' topic but my issue is the same as the OP's. In essence I did a win 10 clean install, and as I had no new COA from MS, I assumed I could use my Win8.1 COA. I am wondering if this is because of 2 possible reasons. I had quite some trouble registering because those 2 'words' that check that I am a real person gave me problems. I wanted to install COD Wa W another time, and now I find myself that the installation is extremely slow, and specially it stays forever in 'Updating Component Registration'. The first 'word' was unreadable for me because I have a very poor vision. Norton's all-round protection includes a firewall, antivirus and other security tools.Even beginners can begin protecting their PCs immediately thanks to its intuitive interface. Norton Security Standard Surf the web safely and securely with Norton Internet Security.If this doesn't help, please send a description of the problem to [email protected] we'll get back to you as soon as possible.


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